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Poseable Journal

a doll journal.

External Services:
  • poseable_girl@livejournal.com
My name is Savannah and, as a collector of Jun Planning J-Dolls, Sybarites and ball-jointed dolls (as well as some others that have come and gone), I made this journal separate from my personal one to post about strictly doll-related things. I'm a member on the Den of Angels and PullipStyle forums as Snuffed Sweetheart.

My collection consists of:

Papin Pullip (fashion doll)
Chicca Pullip (fashion doll)
Chill Pullip (fashion doll)
Paja Pullip (fashion doll)
Via Sant Andrea J-Doll (fashion doll)
Punkka Street J-Doll (fashion doll)
Negen de 9 Straatjes J-Doll (fashion doll)
Magnificient Mile J-Doll (fashion doll)
Marche J-Doll (fashion doll)
Eaton Sybarite (ball-jointed fashion doll)
Posh Girl Misaki (fashion doll)
Zaoll Versa Princess Muse (Asian ball-jointed doll)

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